LGBTQ+ Law Enforcement Liaison Academy

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DiversityDHS supports proactive community building relationships with our local law enforcement partners.

The role of liaison to the LGBTQ+ community within law enforcement has significantly grown in stature, number of agencies participating and nationwide geographical reach over the past five years since the Pulse Nightclub Orlando Florida Massacre.

This program is California POST certified for advance training credit.  

LGBTQ+ Awareness Training for non-liaison officers, pursuant to California AB2504 is now legislatively required as part of training for new officers, trainers and 9-1-1 call center personnel as of October 1, 2020

The LGBTQ+ Liaison Academy is available to existing law enforcement personnel possessing a current POST I.D. – First-time enrollees are eligible for tuition grant funding sufficient to compensate the entire cost through the Matthew Shepard Foundation underscoring the vital importance of the LGBTQ+ community liaison officer capacity within law enforcement.

There may be an incidental fee of $70 to issue a valid course completion Police Officer’s Standards and Training (POST) certificate.

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